We have a full professional Karaoke service available to all our customers. Whether you require a straight forward karaoke night or a mix of regular disco and karaoke we can help.

If you’ve never sang before in your life or even if you’re the ultimate ‘Wanna Be’, karaoke is pure fun.

If you run a pub, club or any other organization that wants to put on a regular karaoke night for your customers, or just a one off for that special event, maybe as an icebreaker before a big conference with new clients, or to add a bit of spice to a regular party such as a birthday or wedding reception, we can provide all you need for virtually any event.

Our computerised karaoke system currently has over 15,000 thousand karaoke songs, and the collection continues to grow as we are subscribed to the most popular karaoke cd series, which means we have all the new songs as well as the old classics as too. All songs play in digital CD quality with the lyrics displayed on the karaoke stage monitor and because it is all run from a computer there are no skipping discs.

The microphones we use are all professional vocal microphones and we have built in echo and reverb in our mixing desk to add the professional edge to singers voices.

Karaoke can be integrated into a regular disco either by setting aside a fixed time once everyone has had a bit of Dutch courage, or by intermingling one or two karaoke tracks at a time into the normal running of the disco.

We provide all the song books for your guests to choose from, request slips and pens.

Karaoke & Disco is available at a small extra cost over our regular disco charges and is always the perfection addition to any party and generates lots of fun and usually one or two good video camera moments as well.

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