Now becoming more popular by the year school proms are a fantastic opportunity for students to celebrate their achievements throughout the school year. at 1st Class Event Entertainments we have carried out many very successful proms and really enjoy performing at them.

No longer the cheesey school disco, students put in enormous amounts of effort to outdo each other with their outfits and modes of transport proms which has to be seen to be believed.

We know that proms are extremely important events and that for some may be the last chance to spend time with long term friends before they embark on there chosen university course. With this in mind we treat proms with as much attention to detail as any wedding or corporate function.

We provide nightclub style lighting and sound systems to perfectly match the kind of party the students expect.

Whether you are looking for a full on nightclub experience with or a cheesey party we can help.

Our video disco packages are ideal for creating the right atmosphere for proms and will leave all the guests talking about the prom for years to come.

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