18th & 21st Birthdays

This is where a 1st Class Event Entertainments really comes into its own. We will turn your night into a true celebration! Club or Cheesey party…your choice!

For 18th and 21st birthdays we really concentrate on sound and lighting and can bring a real club feel to your party. Our discos are some of the largest and most impressive in the area with up to 6k of power if required along with full nightclub lighting with lasers and music video projected on two 42″ Plasma Screens and on a large projection screen (dependant on venue space).

Unlike most other discos in the area our dj’s can also mix properly, being regular club dj’s we use a combination of professional club turntables and cd players. We use the kind of equipment in our dj consoles that would be envy of many nightclubs with sound systems to match. Most other discos do not have the equipment  or Dj’s capable of mixing properly and can simply start and stop songs, rely on pre-mixed cd’s or talk between each track….not the case with us.

What does this mean to your party? If you have ever been to a nightclub and heard how the DJ flows seamlessly from one song to another, thats how we do it…what does that mean? Full on non-stop dancing.

Our top DJ James Lake has held residencies in various large nightclubs throughout the UK and can bring that feel to your birthday party.

  • 18th & 21st Birthdays – want a disco with all the latest club tracks along with sounds and lights to match, just like your in a nightclub with a real nightclub DJ?
  • Or want a real cheesey night with all the classic party tracks?

We can help with all of the above. Contact us now to find out how we can help you celebrate your party in true style!

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