Getting married is a once-in-a-lifetime event. When planning it, shouldn’t you accept only the best? Many couples spend a great deal of time and money planning for everything except one of the most important things – the DJ.

We offer various different packages to suit all types of budget and can supply setups that can be as discreet as possible or as impressive as you require all the way up to our full on Video Dance Parties.
This is the one detail you don’t want to overlook for an event as big as this. The DJ at your wedding is the person who runs the entire reception. We always discuss the entire procedure of the wedding or civil partnership in great detail, and we are very receptive to your ideas and needs.

It is never about throwing in some music, and just letting it ride. We take great pride in the work we do, and have an incredible time doing it. Don’t settle for anything less than the best.
We have been making dreams come true for over 27 years. Nothing would make us happier than to make your dream a reality. Our vast experience and professionalism will ensure that you have a night to remember.

We can arrange a consultation appointment to discuss the booking and any special requirements and provide a simple wedding entertainment planner to assist with the planning of your special day.
Here’s how we normally do it.

Prior to the day We maintain regular contact with you in the run up to your special day.

On the day we arrange a specific time to arrive (we always get there early too), unload and rig the equipment well in advance of your guests arrival. We coordinate with the caterers, the photographers, and the happy couple throughout the reception. We will make the announcements if required, host the formalities, and make sure the lighting is right where it needs to be.
Setting the right atmosphere during your breakfast is important. To help you achieve this, Our DJ will be on hand to play an appropriate selection of background music. A radio-mic can also be used for your speeches. Then when the time is right, our DJ will invite the happy couple onto the dancefloor to perform the traditional ‘First Dance’ (if required). Once the formalities are out of the way, he will then will adjust the sound and lighting to create more of a party atmosphere.

We will always try to work from the happy couple’s advance playlist (if provided). This ensures that you really hear the music that you like. I strongly encourage all of my clients to plan as much of your event as possible. After all, this is YOUR night!. NOT ours! However we would recommend that if you choose to provide a playlist, it should be provided as a guide as to what you and your families music tastes are and not a rigid song by song list.

The DJ will try to fit in as many requested songs as possible throughout your function. Throughout the evening he will also happily accept spot requests and dedications to the happy couple and guests. Our DJ’s can accommodate most requests. It also gives the DJ a general idea of what you like and dislike. Ultimately, it sets him up for success, and, more importantly, it sets up YOU for success!

Obviously, as much as our DJ’s can read a dancefloor they can not look at a crowd and guess what kind of music your crowd enjoys or frowns upon. You know them better than anyone. Of course, we often have clients that do not know what their crowd would like. That’s great, too! Our DJ’s have been doing this for many years. While it may take a little longer to feel your crowd out, we are sure that our DJ’s will perform above and beyond your crowd’s expectations!

We often times find ourselves chuckling because brides and grooms will often say, “Why does every DJ do this?” or “Why don’t the DJs get more interactive?” Our policy is that every client is completely different. Because we allow a lot of dictation from the client, we might not be doing some of the typical activities that you will see done at other weddings. Often, we hear complaints about other disc jockey services that they do not allow the client to have a lot of say in the pre-planning stages. This is what separates 1st Class Event Entertainments from much of our competition!

Imagine listening to the same music every single weekend? If you can save us from playing some of the same songs every single weekend, GREAT! If you want all the traditional activities and games, PERFECT! That’s what gets the crowd involved so heavily in most cases. Ultimately, we both want to make sure that your guests walk out of there talking about your event for years to come. Sometimes, you do not need to have much input into your event. Your crowd may dance to anything. Then there are other crowds that need a little encouragement with some icebreakers and activities. Either way, we will ensure that YOUR event will be one to remember.
To book, or for further information on our complete range of Wedding services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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