Video Discos

This is probably our most stunning and popular package and for good reason. No other local DJs offer a video DJ service quite like ours. Instead of just playing the music with this package your guests will see the actual music videos on screen. Not only does this add to the atmosphere, it triggers memories and also gives guests who may want to take a break from dancing, something to watch.

Our video disco package comes with a large and very attractive computer controlled light show programmed to create the right mood at the right moment. Consisting of approx 13 computer controlled lighting effects, uplit truss support stand scrims colour themed to match wedding colours. Choice of plain black dj booth and backdrops or starcloth covered dj booth and backdrops.

Sound is supplied from a state of the art digital nightclub quality playout system, two full range active speakers and two active subwoofer for enhanced sound.

Your party will be the talk of the town and one your guests will remember forever.

Package Summary:

• Large overhead 42” Plasma video monitors (and optional large screen projection screen)

• Full music video DJing with original music videos (large collection of classics and up to date tracks.

• Photo slideshows and video content display from digital images and video (supplied on cd or memory card from you, please ask for formats that we can accept). Great for weddings where some guests may have missed the daytime ceremony or to show a selection of special moments. (please ask for details of formats that can be accepted).

Space required: 6m wide x 2.5m minimum please check venue space allocation) (requires 2 hour setup)

We also carry a large stock of visuals for theme nights that can be displayed on our screens. These include:

  • Wedding visuals
  • Hollywood visuals
  • Casino visuals
  • Seventies night visuals
  • Eighties night visuals
  • Valentines visuals
  • Christmas visuals
  • Halloween visuals
  • New Year visuals
  • Club Visuals visuals
  • and many more…