Large Screen X-Box Kinect

Bring some real fun and sportsmanship to your party or wedding with our Xbox 360 Kinect consoles.

Most people have experienced the more traditional entertainment such as horse race nights, fun casinos and quizzes but few have seen or experienced the upbeat fun and games that the Xbox Kinect consoles can bring to their evening entertainment event.

The Xbox Kinect is a huge social success which can bring people of all ages at your wedding or party together for fun competitions. All the games we have available have been selected for all ages of guests to enjoy themselves.

Games can be played for general fun or for some friendly competition! We will bring along everything that is needed for you to play all the games including any accessories as needed.

The consoles and large protector screen will be set up by one of our assistants who will also be on hand to help you and your guests have fun throughout the function.

Hire includes everything you need to play our games, all we need is one 13amp socket within easy reach and enough space to setup the projector and screen.

We can also use existing display equipment that maybe available in your venue like plasma tvs and projection screens. We would need to contact your venue before quoting for Kinect use with their equipment to ensure that it would be compatible and availble for use.

We have full Public Liability and insurance for all of our items.

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